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In the Aftermath of the Multi-Arena Threat

Channel 11 News | 7.4.23
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In the Wake of the Ceasefire With Hamas

Channel 11 News | 21.5.21
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January 6th Capitol Riots

Channel 11 News | 7.1.21
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In the Wake of the Ceasefire with Hamas

Channel 13 News | 14.5.21

In the Wake of the Ceasefire with Hamas

YNET TV News | 19.5.21
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The choice Between a New Government or Fifth Elections

Channel 11 News | 28.5.21
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Interview, 15 Years After the Second Lebanon War

Channel 11 News | 16.7.21
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From Yassin to Jabari, Israel’s Major Targeted Killings

Channel 11 News | 12.11.19
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Guardian of the Wall operation

Channel 11 News | 17.5.21

In the Wake of the Ceasefire With Hamas

YNET TV News | 6.5.19

Dr. Liram Koblentz-Stenzler Cited

Terror experts worry Hezbollah may have bombed Israel without footprints

It hasn’t conducted an attack in Israel for 17 years, said Liram Koblentz-Stenzler of the global far-right extremism desk at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism and a visiting Yale fellow.

Neo-Nazis don’t realize they are evil, says ex-hate group leader Jeff Schoep

When Jeff Schoep, former head of the violently antisemitic National Socialist Movement, speaks at a private Highland Park, Ill., residence on March 14, he intends to cite his life as a cautionary tale for those seeking meaning by joining white supremacist groups.

Street warfare: How organized riots are the future of conflict

The Euromaidan riots lead to the current Russia-Ukraine war. This shows street warfare – organized riots with concrete political objectives – is as geopolitically impactful as open military conflict.

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עיתון כוכב יאיר צור יגאל גליון 277, עמוד 28-29 – לחצו להגדלה

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