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Web of Hate: Tracing the Path of Online Anti-Semitism

Embark on a digital adventure where ancient hatred meets modern technology. Imagine a world where prejudice spreads like wildfire, fueled by the anonymity of the internet. Since October 7, the flames of anti-Semitism have surged, blazing across social media platforms with unprecedented intensity.
But who’s behind the screen, stirring up this virtual storm? Join us as we peel back the layers of online extremism, exploring how everyday platforms become breeding grounds for hate. From obscure forums to popular apps, people of all ages get caught in the web, unwittingly amplifying dangerous messages.
In this eye-opening lecture, we’ll unravel the tactics of online extremists, revealing how they lure unsuspecting users down a rabbit hole of bigotry.
Get ready for a journey into the digital unknown, where reality blurs and the fight against hate takes center stage.
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