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Far Right, Hamas found common cause in hating Jews – opinion

Worldwide policymakers must be aware that the war between Israel and Hamas has the potential to expand into a global war and even change the political landscape in both the US and Europe

On November 23, Ireland’s capital city Dublin saw the worst display of public disorder in decades, hours after far-Right activists online assumed that an attacker with a knife who stabbed five people – including a five-year-old girl – originated from Algeria. Large crowds of anti-immigrant protesters proceeded to loot shops, set vehicles on fire, and clash with police in the city center.

We can see these developments did not happen in a vacuum, but as a way for far-Right activists to manipulate tragic events to create civil disorder and spread their propaganda. On October 7, as Israeli Jews celebrated Simchat Torah (one of the holiest days on the Jewish calendar) the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas launched a bloody attack from the Gaza Strip against Israel by land, sea, and air, massacring 1,200 civilians amidst shocking acts of rape and brutality, and kidnapping 240 civilians back to Gaza. US President Joe Biden condemned this attack as “the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust.”

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