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Israel’s war is a war for global stability – opinion

Failure by global leaders to recognize Israel’s battle against an irrational adversary resistant to conventional diplomacy threatens to unleash a surge in global instability.

Terrorist attacks leave a trail of innocent victims in their wake. This is not a fictional scenario but a very real threat that could escalate if the Hamas terror organization is not defeated by Israel.

It is crucial to understand that this path towards global instability is influenced by actions and rhetoric from many Western nations, including bodies such as the United Nations and democratic nations such as France, UK, and even the US. Despite their support for Israel, these nations often misunderstand the irrational enemy Israel is facing, exacerbating the already fragile situation.

For instance, in anticipation of a potential attack on Israel in Rafah, France and Qatar issued a statement expressing their opposition to any such assault and advocating for the opening of all crossings into the Gaza Strip.

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