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South Africa: (Is it) The Future of Domestic and the Global White Race?

The protests that began in July 2021 and South Africa’s history of Apartheid and Nationalist rule, made it the perfect model to aid White Supremacists in showing and predicting what may happen in other countries in the case that they became “Black” governed countries. To agitate the situation, White Supremacists rely on spreading propaganda that creates panic and shows the need of civilians to “take the law into their own hands”.  Also, it allows White Supremacists in South Africa and other countries such as Australia, the USA and more to use the local situation in South Africa on a global scale to spread propaganda supporting “White Genocide” and “The Great replacement” theories, while radicalizing Whites in the country to get them to act. One of the tactics they use is to bring recognition and solidarity to the local White South Africans including financial aid. Another trend that raises concern is White Nationalists in South Africa constituting a “ready force”, building up and biding their time until what they refer to as the “race war”. This amalgamation of White Nationalist tactics alongside the opportunity posed in South Africa allows White Nationalists internationally to plant seeds of hatred that will grow into realistic threats. As White Nationalism is for the most part treated as a domestic threat, growing international movements pose a threat that is both dangerous and below the “radar” of local Law Enforcement agencies.

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