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Trump’s Indictment and the Weaponization of Conspiracy Theories by the Far-Right

This paper aims to raise awareness among policymakers and security forces regarding the exploitation of social media platforms by far-right actors to denounce the indictment of former President Donald Trump. The study was conducted over a one-month monitoring period from 18 MARCH to 18 APRIL and found that these actors focused on two main themes: Conspiracy Theories and Content Advocating for Violence. Conspiracy theories alleged that a secret organization was manipulating decision-makers to indict Trump, with these theories falling under the themes of antisemitism, QAnon, and the New World Order. In addition, the study found that far-right actors used violent language, including calls for the death of individuals connected to the legal proceedings and those perceived as potential threats. The paper highlights the alarming trend of online dissemination of conspiracy theories that can lead to violent actions.

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